For The Love Of Color

I love color. 

As an artist it run's my life. I focus on colors EVERYWHERE and one of the many things about a scene or photograph that always seems to strike me are the various color palettes it might make. There's something about seeing the colors of a subject isolated from the original image. My mind immediately reacts to the harmony of the combination and begins to figure out how to use the palette in future art projects. 

Imagine my elation when I found out there were apps that create color stories for you! The one that I found to be my favorite is called Color Viewfinder from the Apple iTunes Store. I spent hours going through old photos and creating so many fun color combos. My biggest criticism would be that the photographer cannot manually choose the colors within the photo. One must choose from the seclection the app genrates. Other than that it's a pretty cool app to play with from an artist standpoint...or just someone that likes color inspiration. 

Check out all the different color palettes I created from some of my Instagram photos. I think once a month I'm going to batch edit some of my favorite photos from that month and post them here. Stick around for some more fun color stories from Sonoma!