Robert Coury : Photographer - Fine Artist - Explorer


Artist Robert Coury was born and raised in South Florida where his love of art began early in life, learning to paint and draw while he was young. This continued into primary school where, after being taught his way around a darkroom, he fell in love with the art of photography. Now, this artist focuses his creativity on a variety of medium; acrylics, oils, gauche, mixed media, found objects, collage, and of course film and digital photography. Influenced by nature, spirituality, design, and his extensive travels, Robert attempts to incorporate many of these elements into the art he creates. Currently the artist resides in Sonoma, California. 

Reflections Of Nature

Do you need to take a moment to slow down, unwind, and meditate on the beauty of nature?

Reflections Of Nature is a rotating video project by artist Robert Coury featuring different scenes in nature that he has captured during his explorations. Visit regularly for new scenes and new opportunities to enjoy the wonders of the natural world.