The High Sierras:

Minimalist Collage and Hand-painted Acrylic Works 

Robert Coury’s newest body of work “The High Sierras” is largely inspired by the artist’s love for tribal patterning as well as his desire to explore the High Sierra Mountain Range much more than he has already. Using only four colors of paint and images from the same book, Coury has created a whimsical world of anthropomorphic “Daniel Boone-like” characters in, what he calls, a minimalistic collage technique. The artist also has embellished film images he took with an old Canon AE-1 using acrylic paint directly on the printed photograph. “The High Sierras” is artist Robert Coury’s second body of work created in and inspired by the beautiful state of California since his moving there two years ago.

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"Mojave Mercenary" (10x12) Acrylic & Collage - $250

"Mojave Mercenary" (10x12) Acrylic & Collage - $250

"Brothers In The Hunt"  (13x16) Acrylic & Collage - $420 

"Brothers In The Hunt"  (13x16) Acrylic & Collage - $420 

"Redwood Chief"  (11x14)  Acrylic & Collage - $350

"Redwood Chief"  (11x14) Acrylic & Collage - $350

"The Howl" (18x24)  Acrylic & Collage - $675

"The Howl" (18x24) Acrylic & Collage - $675

"Redwood Warrior" (8.5x6.5)  Acrylic on Photograph - $125

"Redwood Warrior" (8.5x6.5) Acrylic on Photograph - $125

"Sandstone Shaman" (8.5x6.5)  Acrylic on Photograph - $125

"Sandstone Shaman" (8.5x6.5) Acrylic on Photograph - $125

"Sierra Soothsayer"  (8.5x6.5)   Acrylic on Photograph - SOLD

"Sierra Soothsayer" (8.5x6.5) Acrylic on Photograph - SOLD

"The Ritual"   (8.5x6.5)   Acrylic on Photograph - SOLD

"The Ritual" (8.5x6.5) Acrylic on Photograph - SOLD